Services - Copy-Past

We are called Copy-Past because we specialise in copy about the past (and because we like a good pun). This includes the following services:


We can translate all your English copy into Dutch, tailoring it to your target audience. Sometimes this means we have to word things differently to make the text more suitable for Dutch readers. This is what we call transcreation. It increases the impact of the text, and can make the difference between simply informing and really engaging your audience. Of course we keep you involved in every step of the process and we discuss any important decisions with you.


The translation process always includes several checks to guarantee the best possible quality. When the text has been translated and checked by the translator, the next step is always a revision. Depending on the type of text and your requirements, the process may include the following steps:

  1. 1. Translation and check
  2. 2. Revision (bilingual check of the translation)
  3. 3. Review by a specialist in the relevant field
  4. 4. Feedback from the client and finalisation
  5. 5. Proofreading content in the final lay-out before it goes to print

If your texts are already in Dutch, we can offer steps 2-5 of the process separately, depending on your needs and wishes.


If you want to create new copy for your Dutch audience, you need a copywriter who can find exactly the right tone of voice and who is intimately familiar with the subject you want to tell your readers or visitors about. If that subject is history, heritage or archaeology, look no further! Not only do we know a lot about these things, we like talking about them too. And not only is that good for us, it’s good for you too. Because we are absolutely sure that our passion for the past helps us write better texts.


Some projects require additional tasks. We strive to deliver a complete service, so if there is anything else we can help you with, just let us know. We can’t work magic, but we do have a few extra tricks up our sleeves!

Our extra services include:

  • Certified translations (UK) and sworn translations in accordance with Dutch law
  • Editing of text in images
  • Lay-out fixing (InDesign)
  • Audio-script spotting and coordination/direction of voice recordings
  • Project management for multilingual projects